Wells’ Article On Stoneman’s First Practice Last Night in the Sun-Sentinel


Author’s Note – Wells and I went over to Calvary Christian Monday night to witness the first practice of the Stoneman Douglas Boys team . . . and frankly in my case, to get a respite from the bad news of the week’s events.  Early in the practice you could see the kids were having some issues with concentration, and that’s to be expected, as they sort of balance that line between being potentially a little guilty about being out there versus knowing that a season was starting and work needed to be done.

As time went on the team got more focused and you could sense a palpable sense of relief at being able to do something that felt normal.  The spirit started to raise some and the familiar feel of routine being modified by some fun started to seep through.  Not even the brief downpour so majestically captured in the photo above could dampen it.

For at least one day the team could forget just a little bit and catch their emotional breath.

If Stoneman goes ahead with the Friday game against Belen, Wells has pledged to be there to cover it and we will link to that too.

Thanks again to the Calvary Christian lacrosse family for their wonderful efforts to help out!


Here’s the link to Well’s article:




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