Way To Go! 3,000 Attend Championship Weekend!


Low Attendance paradigms took a beating this weekend.

Or as the guy who has a second home about 30 miles north of here might say . . . Low Attendance Lacrosse is FAKE NEWS . . .

On Thursday the Launch played a mile away at FAU and the Girls Semis had more fans in the stands (that’s not a shot at the Launch, next year we’ll coordinate a game at FAU with the Title Weekend and there WILL be a great lacrosse weekend . . . trust me on that one, we’ll move heaven and earth to make it happen!)

On Saturday it was Eddie Money, Foghat and Blue Oyster Cult two miles away at Mizner Amphitheater.

Two Tickets to Paradise turned out to be at Boca Raton High School

Slow Ride referred to the lines at the entrance that backed up as the local fans streamed in

And we Don’t Fear The Reaper because he’s a lax fan anyhow . . . Eric Bloom is a Hobart grad and attended his share of games there I’m sure.

Heck Godzilla feels lonely because the Boca area is Burnin’ For Lacrosse

If you are kind of young and don’t know these references you’ve got all day Sunday to Google them and listen to the music . . . 🙂


Here’s one if you need it:



And I can think of so many movie themes for the weekend too.


Ponte Vedra’s Sharks ‘Jaws’-boning their support

The Hornet’s Nest of Bishop Moore stinging in their praise . . . well, that one is a little stretch

Saint Andrew’s Oceans of Red (Ocean’s 11 isn’t quite right)

And of course Jupiter’s Field of Green . . . apologizes to Kevin Costner


And that’s just the Boys


But I saved the best for last . . .

The hilarious Trading Places . . . but on this night The ‘Dukes’ DID corner the market on the championship game . . .


All in all it was a Love Story for the sport of lacrosse this weekend.  3,000 in the stands in the face of MANY obstacles.

The late decision due to an entity up the road that managed to take two months to dot an ‘i’ and cross a ‘t’.  TWICE.

No real involvement by the city . . . I’m showing up at the next open mic night at the City Council and will have something to say about that.

The competing events

I could go on, but why spoil the mood?


Thank you to everyone!

And Alex and JA, hope you get a couple of days off to decompress, you deserve it!

A kernel of truth is worth a lot of fans.


Since it’s Mother’s Day we’ll postpone the Final Media Poll until tomorrow.  Hope you don’t mind, but let’s just take it easy today and I’ll be posting the links to the college results and the high school articles throughout the day and Wells and I will be recording a season-recap podcast tomorrow or Tuesday.

But for now let’s celebrate the weekend, the season and congrats to the Warriors!


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