Sarasota Herald-Tribune Drops The Ball – FLN Picks It Up For Them!


It was brought to our attention that the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, still operating under the old paradigm that lacrosse doesn’t count, refused to name a Sarasota All-County team for our great sport . . . as well as ignoring the sport at their Third Annual HT Preps Banquet:

HT Annual Preps Banquet Photo  Gallery

When you go through the pictures you note Girls Weightlifting was honored . . .

The Swim Team was too . . .

As was Boys Weightlifting

AND Track & Field

Yep, pretty much all the LOW ATTENDANCE sports as the FHSAA liked to call it . . .

There’s Doug Fernandes and Ted Tryon of the HT, looking resplendent in their . . . well, maybe not . . . BROWN SHOES with a Blue Suit?  Not in my Wall Street days . . . for the record it’s Ted’s shoes.

Wait, there’s Girls Tennis!

Look!  Low attendance Boys Tennis and Volleyball make it too!

I wonder how many Red Devils show up at those events?

There’s Brian Bauer’s contingent . . . he certainly deserved the coverage!  But does one PLAY Track & Field?  I’ve not heard that term before.

And the Comeback Player of the Year for Wrestling!

Determination Award to Girls Wrestler Lauren Stone, well done Lauren!


Guess you get the point.  The sport that puts more fannies in the seat than basically all the other spring sports COMBINED, gets NOTHING from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

So we decided to make the Award Ceremony for them and asked the Sarasota County All-County Lacrosse Player of the Year for them . . .


Just remember Sarasota Herald-Tribune . . . better excerpt this just like I excerpt yours . . .


And here it is, the Sarasota County, and by default, as voted on by the Coaches, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune Lacrosse Player of the Year!

MJ McMahon!


Congrats to MJ!  And we look forward to the newspaper providing you with a plaque, since this sport deserves it too!


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