Recap of the 2018 NexStar Showcase in Delray Beach


Thanks to the NexStar crew for sending in the recap!


On Saturday and Sunday of the Martin Luther King holiday weekend, January 13 & 14, NexStar Lacrosse held its’ 9th annual college showcase. Coach Doug Shanahan, former Team USA member, Teewaarton winner and current Western High School head coach, welcomed over 120 boys from 7 states (FL, NY, NJ, CT, VA, MI & UT) to Caloosa Park in Delray Beach for two days of clinic work and game play with some of the best college coaches from around the country.

The two-day format divided the athletes into small groups based on their graduating class; high school seniors down to 6th graders worked hard for two days.  At the younger age levels, a less-intensive youth skills clinic followed the same instructional format for the players.



Coach Shanahan noted “It was very important for us to get these kids meaningful minutes with each coach. The opportunity to absorb fresh knowledge from skilled coaches is priceless for an athlete trying to improve.”

The weekend was designed to maximize time with the coaches. NexStar athletes enjoyed their “working lunch” on Saturday where the break was enhanced by recruiting talks from Tom Mariano, head coach of the Pace University Setters and the Florida Launch as well as University of Pennsylvania and New York Lizards offensive coordinator, Ryan Danehy.

Day One of the Showcase Weekend was dominated by positional work and instructional sessions until the afternoon, when players moved to game play. Each team was coached by the collegiate staff for full-length games observed by the remainder of the college coaches. Day Two of the showcase was entirely game play.



“This was the largest group we’ve had in 9 years,” said Shanahan. “And it’s the most energetic and interactive group of coaches yet. We’re thrilled that the athletes enjoyed themselves, learned a lot and made connections to better their futures. We are especially proud of our college staff’s dedication to making this event the best it could possibly be. They were the reason the weekend was the success that it was. The bar has been set for 2019 and all of us involved are excited to raise it even further.”



The list of coaches who worked the weekend with the kids:

Tom Mariano – Pace University/Florida Launch

Ryan Danehy – University of Pennsylvania/New York Lizards

Steve Soriano – Princeton University

Nick Lattel – Harvard University

Mike Ondrusek – Whittier College

Jimmy Ryan – Rutgers University

Dan Cocchi – Towson University

Derek Andrake – Jacksonville University

Pat Johnston – Keiser University

Jesse Vanatta – Palm Beach Atlantic University

Lloyd Hamilton – Lynn University

Mark Rice – St. John Fisher University

Fred Bulken – Hartford University

Alex Bunick – Babson College

Nick Tuttle – Canisius College



At the end of the scrimmages the Coaches were asked to vote on the kids they deemed the All Stars of the weekend and here’s their choices!


# Last First GRADE POS
53 Ortiz Izaiah 6 D
57 Calkins Evan 6 Mid
58 Knapp Ryan 6 Mid
59 Vazquez Nicholas 6 Mid
82  Pousak Benjamin 6 A
61 Lean Connor 7 A
64 Jarolem Nash 7 D
65 Klis Andrew 7 D
66 Konopik Johnathan 7 D
67 Layne Vincent 7 D
69 Schwartz Patrick 7 D
71 Kaplan Robert 7 G
72 Lewis Zach 7 G
73 Shields Shaden 7 G
74 Hallock Colby 7 Mid
75 Brent Zachary 7 Mid
76 Kirkeide Anders 7 Mid
78 Gregorek Caden 7 G
79 Gregorek Chase 7 D
80 Cartwright Corbn 7 Mid
83 Vital Nigel 7 Mid
91 Lewis Jake 8 A
92 Marinelli Alec 8 A
93 Mcdonald Trace 8 A
99 Andrews JoJo 8 Mid
100 Shields Sam 8 Mid
101 Walker Nelson 8 Mid
169 Burris Matthew 8 D
102 Gazzano Robert 9 A
103 Gottlieb Harrison 9 A
106 Marsh Brandon 9 G
108 Pagano Andrew 9 LSM
109 Toohey Ryan 9 LSM
110 Borodiak Anthony 9 Mid
112 Kitchen Donnie 10 A
113 Wexler Emmett 10 A
114 Winegardner Matthew 10 A
116 VAlentin Javier 10 D
117 Gray Seamus 10 D
118 McMeekin Wyatt 10 G
120 Knapp Michael 10 LSM
123 Finkelstein Gabriel 10 Mid
124 Nosowicz Christopher 10 Mid
125 Panchookian Daniel 10 Mid
127 Gonzalez Brock 11 A
128 Laman Grant 11 A
129 Lehrman Joshua 11 A
130 Oletsky Jeremy 11 A
131 Yi Nicholas 11 A
135 Panchookian John 11 D
136 Phillips Griffin 11 D
137 Shannon Nicholas 11 D
139 Pistiner Garret 11 FOGO
140 Hollison Connor 11 G
141 Shea Colin 11 G
144 Eriksson Maximo 11 LSM
145 Majzner David 11 LSM
146 Cacciola Christopher 11 Mid
147 Gomez Justin 11 Mid
148 Goodrich Payton 11 Mid
149 Kalinowski Jake 11 Mid
153 Weinstein Zachary 11 Mid
159 Dagobert Marc 11 D
160 Fox Michael 11 A
161 Nabridge Bryce 11 A


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