Prep School Lacrosse Showcase Camp a Special Opportunity

The Prep School Lacrosse Showcase Camp is a unique opportunity for players to play for and in front of college coaches in an informal atmosphere.  Not a recruiting camp, it nonetheless offers great instruction and exposure for aspiring players.  The day consists of position instruction by all of the coaches and games.  FLN will feature the Showcase portion in a follow up article and a photo gallery of the camp is in our new gallery section which can be found by clicking here.  The camp was held at Brunswick School in Greenwich, Connecticut on May 31 prior to the recruiting showcase the next day.  Many Floridians participated both in the camp and the Showcase.  Below are a few of the coaches who participated, and this event, like the one to be held at St. Andrew’s in Boca Raton next January, is first come, first serve.  FLN will have complete coverage of the Showcase later this week.

Cornell Head Coach Matt Kerwick as a referee
Max Silberlicht of Bowdoin
Max Silberlicht of Bowdoin
Ryan Klipstein, recently at Penn and now at Holy Cross
Referee Lars Tiffany of Brown
Referee Lars Tiffany of Brown
John Walker of Princeton
Gus Brakeley of Middlebury with the sun hat and Derek Witheford of Union in the maroon shirt
Tim McDermott of UVA with some half time strategy
Tim Cimini of Trinity
Gene McCabe of Washington and Lee














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