Nease’s Matthew Pounder Writes About His Maverick Showcase Experience!


Thanks to Matt for taking the time to write up his experience at the recent Maverick Showcase in Connecticut!


Maverik Showtime

Maverik Showtime was a once (or twice, actually) in a lifetime experience that, for somebody who loves the game as much as I, has contributed to some of my most surreal lacrosse memories to date. Two of the most fun and competitive games I have been a part of in my lacrosse career were the past two all-star games and going head to head with some of the most talented players in the country. When playing at Showtime, the game gets a lot faster and a lot better. I am sure from a spectator standpoint the games look good enough to be on ESPN with the college games during the spring. When taking a first glance at our schedule, it may seem daring to most as the event jam-packs a practice, four 52 minute games, two 40 minute games, and a potential 60 minute all-star game into a short, three-day window. However, for the players at Showtime, all of whom are very passionate lacrosse players, the event is nothing but fun and a great time to get up and down.



The games at Showtime are the perfect mix of fun, serious competition, and getting better as individuals. Every players takes the games very seriously as there are anywhere from twenty to forty college coaches at each and every game and players do not want to make a bad impression. That being said, the games are also a lot of fun because we are all thrown onto teams with players we have never met and have competed against during club season. Some people who you play during club who seem to be chippy and annoying end up being some of the coolest guys you will meet. In addition to that, you also meet coaches and other people who a ton of fun as well as key people who can help you in the recruiting process.

This year, my team was coaches by two college students who made the event a lot of fun. From funny pre-game speeches to fellow LSM Tommy Drago and I dodging from up top in our last game in a last-ditch effort to score, the coaches kept what could have been a nerve racking environment, very fun. The actual games of Showtime however are most definitely the best part. There is something just so exciting about playing against teams where every player is a threat. It makes it a lot more interesting and a lot more fun. Any player can make a highlight play at any moment and as an LSM it is a scary thought thinking that there could be a video of you getting embarrassed on the Sideline Swap and Gametime Footage Instagram accounts. It is also fun though because you could also be that player that puts somebody else on those accounts. Although the games are far and away the best part of the event, the other aspects of Showtime are what set it apart from other camps.

What sets Showtime apart from other recruiting events isn’t the ridiculous amount of college coaches there, but the fellow players you meet in your free time. Between each game is about a two to three-hour break that we use as a time to refuel, but also to get to know the other players at the event. Since all players are forced to stay on campus the whole event, it makes it so you are very bored if you are by yourself, forcing the social butterfly inside of you to come out. Whether it is reuniting with players you used to play with in other states or meeting completely new people, Showtime creates bonds with players that will last you a lifetime. As I experienced after my first year, the players that you meet you will see throughout club season and it is a lot of fun to go against them and then after, talk to them and catch up with them. The bonds you make at showtime can last a lifetime and it is a very cool environment to be a part of.

In conclusion, Maverik Showtime is a great recruiting event for me as well as a great experience. If you or somebody you know receives an invite, I highly encourage you to attend the event because not only will you get some of the coolest unreleased gear on the market but you will also have the time of your life.


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