Lee’s Live Blogging At the Final Four! Game 1 – BC and STA Girls!


Welcome to the FLN coverage of the Final Four in Jupiter!


Wea re waiting for the first game, which will be the Girl’s matchup of Barron Collier and St. Thomas Aquinas!

It is very warm and humid today and it will likely have an effect given how cool the spring has been so far.

A turf field will also contribute to the humidity.


STA with the opening draw

Beekhuizen at 24:00 left in the first half for the 1-0 STA lead off the penalty free position

BC gets the next faceoff but turns it over on the fast break

Beekhuizen again presses the issue and draws the whistle

STA over the net

Kelly from Preston at 21:48 to make it 2-0


STA on the draw

Beekhuizen again on the freeposition at 21:01 for 3-0 and BC needs to turn momentum

BC gets the draw but turns it right over

Chomo with a big save and after an offensive possession ends with a wild pass out of bounds


Beekhuizen with another free position at 18:26 for the 4-0 lead.

STA with the draw

Chomo with the save on the free position shot

Time out BC on the offense with 17:38 left . . . STA completely dominating right now


BC with the free position shot bounced over the net

BC gets on the board as Jo Imbriani with the free position shot at 16:23 to make it 4-1.  BC is no stranger to slow starts.

STA with the draw but Chomo with the save

BC shoots wide

Jaclyn Berry makes it 4-2 at 13:58 and the offense is getting comfortable.

BC with the draw

Jo Imbriani again on the free position and it is now 4-3 with 13:05 left.


BC again with the draw

Turnover and STA going the other way

Big save by Chomo

But a turnover on the clear and a collision at midfield results in a BC penalty

Time out for water break with 10:19 left in the half


STA’s Tingley with the top left corner shot off the free position at 8:38 for 5-3

BC with the draw and after the fast break it was Imbriani off the free position for 5-4 with 7:47 left.

STA with the draw and the shot goes wide

BC off the draw but loses possession after a lengthy look

BC trying to get inside but forcing too many passes that are getting picked off.

Another BC penalty

Chomo with a huge save and BC on offense

And it’s now tied at 5 on Berry’s free position shot with 2:32 left in the half


Beekhuizen to Steinlauf off the draw and a quick response by STA with 2:14 left . . . STA 6-5

Imbriani ties it up at 1:48

BC wins the draw but turns it over and STA looks for the late goal

STA shot wide

Preston at 1:19 makse it 7-6 STA on a split dodge

BC gains a tough draw

STA turnover and Beekhuizen all the way but stopped by Chomo

One last BC clear is stopped and we are at the half with a 7-6 STA lead.


Here we go with the second half

STA wins but BC turns it over

Peterson at 23:23 ties it at 7 with the free position high left bounce shot

BC controls . . .Browne inside is fouled

Lusk with the free position shot save for STA

STA clears but turns it over

Lusk saves the Imbriani shot and STA takes over

STA again turns it over

STA with the yellow card and BC looks for their first lead

Imbriani at 19:38 gives BC the lead at 8-7.

Momentum has clearly swung

BC again with the draw


Another free position for BC butBrowne is stopped by Lusk

STA clears quickly but Beekhuizen shoots high

Beekhuizen called for the charge on her power play to the net and BC takes possession

And now it is 9-7 at 16:38 as Browne feeds Berry on the left side for the top left corner shot

Time out STA


BC wins the draw again


A lengthy possession ends with the Lusk save on Berry

STA with a tough clear

Turnover and BC going the other way

Lusk with a huge stop and STA on attack

Multiple good looks are pushed aside and after a wide shot right in front BC gets the back up

Huge missed opportunities for STA there and it still is 9-7 BC with 9:55 left


Imbriani shoots for the top right but misses and STA with the clear

After another miss right in front it is Stefens for STA on the free position shot low at 7:28 to cut it to 9-8!

Big draw coming up for momentum


STA!  Two shots . . post and a save! Another save and BC takes over with 6:24 left!

Time out BC.


Yellow card on STA, will BC look to score or take time off?  4th yellow, one down for the rest of the game.

Lusk with another huge stop and STA clears

Beekhuizen scores but waived off for shooting space

But on the restart it is a tied game with 3:56 left as Beekhuizen scores for real

This is a great game


STA with the draw

At 3:15 Beekhuizen splits the middle from the left and hits the top left corner for 10-9 STA!

Massive draw coming up


STA wins and is running clock

1:22 left and a BC yellow card with STA still keeping control

Kelly from Beekhuizen for the 11-9 lead at 1:15.

STA again with the draw!

And Preston takes the Steinlauf feed off the free position and this one is likely in the books with 30 seconds left at 12-9.


Final score 12-9 Raiders!

Coming up:  Ponte Vedra and Bishop Moore