Florida Has It’s Share of NCAA Championship Weekend!


7 Players and an Assistant Coach

That’s Florida’s representation on Memorial Day Weekend

7 Men and a Woman

5 of the 8 schools playing

Four from public schools and four from private schools

Not bad.

Click on their name to see their Bios!


And the best thing?  One of the Men is coming home with a championship ring since we are on ALL FOUR FINAL FOUR TEAMS!!!


Maryland Men


Jared Bernhardt – Starting Attackman – Lake Brantley High



Jesse Bernhardt – Assistant Coach – Lake Brantley High



Yale Men


Jerry O’Connor – Starting Close Defender – Benjamin School


Jerry O'Connor


Christian Cropp – Reserve Middie – Benjamin School


Christian Cropp


Duke Men


Connor Alexander – Reserve Defender – Jupiter High



Teddy Transou – Reserve Middie – Maclay School




Albany Men


Davis Diamond – Reserve Attackman – Saint Andrew’s


Davis Diamond 2990746

(That pic is on you Davis!  Flashback to the 60’s . . .)


UNC Women


Olivia Ferrucci – Starting Middie – Barron Collier High


Olivia Ferrucci



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