Final Regular Season Weekly National Lacrosse Showcase Florida High School Media Poll – 4/15/18!


Author’s Note:  Wanted to do this earlier than normal due to the amount of other content I’ll need to get to starting tomorrow . . . also so I can take a breather the rest of the day before Districts gear up . . . and, WHAT A SEASON . . . 


Florida Lacrosse Showcase joins the fold.  To be fair to them, I’m still the only one choosing the schools so aim your vindictiveness to me, not the Showcase!


The Florida Lax Showcase Web Link


As always, let’s start with last week’s Poll . . .

#1 – Oxbridge

#2 – Benjamin

#3 – Ponte Vedra

#4 – Cardinal Mooney

#5 – Saint Andrew’s

#6 – Jupiter

#7 – Bishop Moore

#8 – St. Thomas Aquinas

#9 – HB Plant

#10 – Winter Park

#11 –  Nease

#12 – Lake Mary

#13 – West Orange

#14 – Tampa Jesuit

#15 – Oak Hall

#16 – Lake Highland Prep

#17 – American Heritage-Boca

#18 – Newsome

#19 – Canterbury-Ft. Myers

#20 – American Heritage-Plantation

#21 – Riverview-Sarasota

#22 – Hagerty

#23 – Sickles

#24 (t) –  Gulf Breeze –

#24 (t) –  and Viera – have to recognize the undefeated seasons – good going to both of you!


Just outside the Top 25

Creekside, Fleming Island, Buchholz, Lake Brantley, Stoneman Douglas, St. Augustine, Belen Jesuit, SJP II, Pine Crest


Man, the regular season is over, but not without some big games that definitely affect the polls!

On Tuesday, it was #23 Sickles travelling to #18 Newsome and coming away with the 12-10 road win

A Shocker on Wednesday as #4 Cardinal Mooney goes down to #14 Tampa Jesuit

On Thursday it was Stoneman Douglas taking down #17 American Heritage-Boca 16-13 on the road


Friday was once again filled with big games . . .


Well, someone has to lose . . .

Either way, the movie or the TV series was pretty awesome.


Sorry for the tangent

On Friday we got:

#7 Bishop Moore over # 11 Nease 18-6

#14 Tampa Jesuit doubles up Steinbrenner 14-7

#12 Lake Mary 10-9 over #22 Hagerty

#3 Ponte Vedra travels to Gainesville and beats #15 Oak Hall 13-7

Pine Crest holds off #19 Canterbury 9-7


#5 Saint Andrew’s goes wire to wire on #5 Benjamin 15-6


The Underdog Upset of the Week


Again, not an easy one to find this week but I was kind of surprised by The King’s Academy 11-10 takedown of Western-Davie.  One could say that Tampa Jesuit’s win over Cardinal Mooney so decisively after the CM run was a bit of a surprise too.  But TKA has put up a heck of a season now and I want to see how they follow up next year!


Following Up From Last Week


Remember this?

Unfortunately I also have a report of the ultimate way of Losing Without Class.

I am going to hold off discussing it until I have better information.  I do know a report was filed with Gainesville and we’ll look to see how it plays out before I publish anything.

I can say it was in my quadrant of the state and leave it at that until I get more info.


Well, I got the result back

The Head Coach was suspended for two games

The Assistant Coach was terminated

It’s one thing for the head coach to feel they got a bad call and let out a little steam.  Referees will give you a minute or so.  After that, it’s a waste of time to continue.  The incident was not at a District game or playoff game where the result matters for seeding or going on.  And even then there’s nothing you can do about it.

Get it out of your system for a minute and then remember the kid’s are watching.

#WWCLWC is not just a saying, it’s a way to treat others.  Just like being a parent.  It’s 24/7/365.

No need to name names.

Let’s go forward.


But I will add something else to that #WWC part . . . it applies to players too, after the game.  When dealing with people who have spent years voluntarily giving their time to provide an outlet for this sport that players in ANY OTHER STATE would kill for . . . you know who you are.

Picking up your game is not only about the skills and IQ, but also the attitude towards those who give their all to give you something special.  Don’t take it for granted.

A few of you have lately.


District Playoffs


Here’s the links to the host sites, the scheduled dates and times for:


2018 Boys Lacrosse District Tournament Sites

2018 Girls Lacrosse District Tournament Sites


I want to give Gainesville credit for something big this year.

In the past, at Final Fours, both Wells and I would have discussions with the powers that be about this sport being so much a brother-sister sport and how difficult it is for parents to be able to see both children’s games the way the Districts are played out and they look like they are listening.  Not all the problems are solved but there’s some great developments in this year’s scheduling!

Not all Districts are aligned exactly the same, with some schools having different districts for the two teams.  but some Districts are now scheduling the Boys and Girls district finals at the same school ON THE SAME DAY, with one at 5:00pm and one at 7:00pm!  That’s great news going forward!  In some districts, the Boys and Girls will be different days!  Parents in those districts now don’t have to choose between seeing their son or daughter, or the parents splitting up.

A great step in the right direction!  Now let’s see if next year we can get it fully scheduled to maximize parents and fans being able to see the district championships!


After the Districts are done we’ll come back with the brackets as set.

Which also means it’s time for . . .


The Bracket Contest!

Stay tuned next weekend for that!

Second Prize will be a signed 4×6 blank file card by yours truly!

First Prize will be that you don’t have to receive it!




Due to the incredible demand for 60’s music, we would like to introduce to the kids something they might not be familiar with . . .


As you can see from the Wiki, we have two types, mostly instrumental and with vocals!


Here’s a great example of both


Pipeline by The Chantays (my memory was triggered when Sirius 60’s on 6 played it this week while I was driving)


And from the Vocal side


Of course, as the regular season comes to an end, there’s a heavy realization . . .

128 teams qualify for the 32 district slots

Which means that for a number of kids they’ve played their last competitive game of lacrosse

No more games, practices, shuffling schedules by parents

For those of you who are not going on to play at school in the future . . .


For your efforts

For your sportsmanship

For your reading us

And the best for all of you in the future!

And for those eliminated from contention but coming back next year to play . . .




And a send off for those who played their last game . . .


I wasn’t going to use the Jackson 5 version.


So, here we are, the Final Poll:


Weekly National Lacrosse Showcase Florida High School Media Poll for the Week Ending 4/15/18!

#1 – Oxbridge – still the best resume in the state and look what it got them . . . a likely matchup with #2 in the 1st round!

#2 – Saint Andrew’s – proved themselves when the schedule toughened up late

#3 – Ponte Vedra – one goals losses without their top defender

#4 – Jupiter – well rested and battle tested

#5 – Bishop Moore – very impressive win Friday night

#6 – Cardinal Mooney – the Tampa Jesuit loss hopefully is not akin to hitting the wall

#7 – Benjamin – what team is the real Benjamin, the one at Bishop Moore or the one at SA?  We’ll know Friday.

#8 – St. Thomas Aquinas – I get the feeling Thursday night will NOT be easy

#9 – HB Plant – A really nice year for them and TJ and only one can make it to the 32 team bracket

#10 – Tampa Jesuit – see above!  Yeah, I know, why behind Cardinal Mooney?  One game does not make a season.  Top 10 is still darned impressive.  Oh, and former TJ star Stefano Mastro scored the hat trick against Hobart yesterday . . . grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr . . . no, I’m not holding that against them! 🙂

#11 – Winter Park – needs to win the district to validate this and then they get a shot at LHP in round one

#12 – Lake Mary – another terrific year after the Final Four run, poised for another Sweet 16 shot at PV

#13 – Nease – One more shot at PV, played one of the best schedules in the state.

#14 – West Orange – the ultimate weak schedule season, other teams started to leapfrog them.  And Bishop Moore is the first round matchup.

#15 – Oak Hall – just can’t get over the hump against the teams above them

#16 – Lake Highland Prep – did they use up all their lives last year?

#17 – American Heritage-Plantation – I’m getting vibes of Columbus Catholic from 2013

#18(t) – Sickles – very impressive road win

#18(t) – Riverview-Sarasota – a sliver of a difference in the total resumes, can they repeat last year’s district playoff OT upset?

#20 –  Newsome – slides behind Sickles after their game

#21 – Pine Crest – Canterbury came calling and PC gained a needed confidence boost

#22 – American Heritage-Boca – leaking some oil and SJP II looms

#23 – Canterbury-Ft. Myers – tough road loss to PC but a fine season and an interesting opportunity ahead

#24 – Creekside – ran the table to finish

#25 – SJP II – finished well, and revenge is in front of them.


Just outside the Top 25

Fleming Island, Lake Brantley, Stoneman Douglas, St. Augustine, Belen Jesuit, Hagerty, Gulf Breeze, Viera, The King’s Academy  (Note to Gulf Breeze and Viera – I have to see how the playoffs go, last week was to recognize your great regular seasons!)


#TAFTAG – Take A Friend To A Game!

#WWCLWC – Win With Class, Lose With Class




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