Casey Powell WLF Announces College Bracket Challenges for Fundraising!


Dear Friends and Fellow Lacrosse Fans;

As Madness goes, you can’t beat May!   As the nation’s premiere lacrosse programs take to the field to determine who will emerge as champion, you are welcome to play along for great prizes and, better yet, support a cause we can all rally around.

The Lacrosse Championship Challenge, this year including both a Men’s and Women’s Challenge, has been set up to support the Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit created to support sick and severely injured lacrosse players and their families.  All participants will receive confirmation of their tax deductible donation.


Womens’ Bracket Entry

Men’s Bracket Entry


I have been blessed to enjoy amazing experiences thanks to lacrosse and the remarkable community that is unique to our sport.  But I have found no success on the field to be as satisfying as offering support and encouragement to our brothers and sisters when they need it most.

World Lacrosse Foundation Helped

Thank you for helping me continue this mission.  Make you donation, pick your teams, and enjoy the tournament.



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