US Lacrosse Grants South Florida Chapter an 11th All American – Griffin Bowie of Benjamin Named AA!

via the South Florida Chapter of US Lacrosse


US Lacrosse has granted the South Florida Chapter an 11th All American as they rounded up to the next whole number as the number of schools in the South Florida chapter increased to 65.  There exists a ratio of 1 All American for every 6 schools in your Chapter area and there were a few new programs added this season, bumping up the number to 11 total.

The South Florida Chapter has granted the award to Griffin Bowie, as he finished with the most votes of those not nominated during the 10-man balloting.

FLN certainly supports the decision, both by the national entity and the South Florida Chapter, as Griffin was certainly deserving after his performance this season, so congratulations to Griffin for this achievement!



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