Sweet 16 – Win 4 to Score – The Southeast Semifinals


First, the predictions from last week . . .


Belen Jesuit vs Gulliver Prep

Saint Andrew’s vs St. Thomas Aquinas


Okay, got SA wrong on that one, although I did hedge with the ‘if Oxbridge is ahead in the fourth . . .’, but that doesn’t count.

14 for 16 ain’t that bad anyhow


St. Thomas Aquinas Travels to Oxbridge


Hoh boy . . . last year this went to double OT on the STA field and this year there’s no one named Yovino around . . .

Well, actually there is . . . but it’s not fair to think Nick will contribute like Louie did.

This game is fascinating.  STA’s overall game confidence, experienced, talented offense and solid defense from the midfield back going against what right now is the best defense in the state and an offense that has started to turn it on at the right time.

When I say the best defense in the state it’s hard to argue that.  SHUTTING OUT Saint Andrew’s in the first half at SA is not to be taken lightly.  6 Goals against TOTAL in the last three games.

In the first round Stoneman fronted Jimmy Harrington the entire game and still STA scored 15 goals, partly because they didn’t have the depth on the back line to handle the rest of the offense.  There are 6 legitimate poles on Oxbridge and even last year it took 2 OT’s for STA to reach 9 goals.


Well, here goes . . .


Prediction:  The glorious run by STA over the past three years comes to a close as Oxbridge’s defense gives STA fits.  Oxbridge wins this game 8-6.


And if that happens I hope that EVERYONE in the stands gives the STA kids and staff a standing ovation for what they have done over the past three years.


Belen Jesuit Travels to Gulliver Prep


Of the 8 games in this round this is the only natural rivalry.  These schools have been in the same district before and meet every year.  It’s also the battle of the program that has long been the top dog in Dade County versus the program that seeks that mantle.

The first game was a 7-6 Belen victory on Gulliver’s field . . . no reason to not think this will also be down to the wire.  One thing in Gulliver’s favor is how well they played Barron Collier and Berkeley Prep down the stretch.  It’s really impossible to pick this one cleanly, so I will go with Belen to again slightly pull this one out and get to their first Final 8 game.


Prediction:  Belen Jesuit sneaks by Gulliver Prep 8-6 to make their initial foray into the Elite 8.



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