Site Update


I apologize for the lack of content lately, due to dealing with a now 10-day bout with a virus that has kept me pretty much out of the game . . . and boy is it killing me to not get to any games yet!

Hoping that by tomorrow it will finally be out of my system and I can make it to the broadcast of the St. Thomas – Lake Highland Prep game Friday, which is scheduled for broadcast on LSN.

I have fallen behind on the submissions sent in and will work to get caught up fully over the next couple of days.

Those catch-up articles are starting today.

Unfortunately, the amount of submissions for the District previews fell way short this season, which is why we did not put that feature together like in so many other seasons.  We will work harder next year and start that process even earlier to make sure we get back to a full District Preview next season.

On another note, readers will notice that Brian has not contributed articles this year.  He is currently on an absence from the web site due to business issues (he started a new business) and will not be contributing for now.



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