Season Update!


Readers, I will be away on a cruise from today until I return on Sunday the 5th.  I will be working on the District previews and should have access to my email at sea.


A reminder to all the Coaches out there that have not sent their questionnaires back yet . . . please do so!  We do want to be able to highlight your program and most importantly your kids!  There is a previous article that highlights this:

District Preview Questionnaires! And A Few Other Things . . . Game Recaps and Recruit Announcements


The questions are contained in this article if you didn’t get them the first time.

This upcoming season is looking to be highly competitive so please participate!


A few days ago I recorded a podcast for Mike Loveday via US Lacrosse Magazine and he is targeting it for next Sunday to be posted.  I will hope to have that link for you when we get back.


I wish all of you a great week!




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