Gold Coast Shootout In Plantation A Great Weekend For The Sport


Since lacrosse is a spring sport . . . okay, partly winter down here too . . . I considered this time of the year as spring training, both for the players and myself too.

An event like this gives me a chance to catch up with coaches, parents, graduates and pretty much anyone who I recognize.  It also gives the coaches a chance to work on some things while honing the kids competitive instincts.  And even sometimes allows a little mischief too, like a little complaining from non-participants!  We’ll put that one aside as just the typical growing pains a rapidly growing sport goes through.



Held last weekend at Plantation’s Pine Island and Central Parks the event drew a wide number of age groups and programs and eventually champions emerged, even in the face of more rain than typical for a late October weekend down here.  As an added bonus to the competitors the event served as a qualifier for IMG Nationals Nov 21-22, 2015 in Bradenton. “A” Division Champions in Boys U13, U15, U17 and HS Elite would qualify.



The results for each Division:

Boys U-9  –  Lauderdale Landsharks  9 – 22 Select  3

Boys U-11  –  Barracudas  9 – 22Select 2023  3

Boys U-13  –  22Select 2021  9 – Lauderdale Landsharks  4

Boys U-15  –  Florida Xtreme  7 – Barracudas  6

Boys U17A  –  Florida Xtreme  6  –  PB Revolution 2018  4

Boys U17B  –  Boca Bandits  6  –  Team Maverick  2

Boys HS Elite A  –  Team Maverick – no playoff

Boys HS Elite B  –  Lauderdale Landsharks  8  –  Snapping Turtles LC  4

Girls MS A  –  LB3 Tampa Tarpons MS Elite  9  –  Stingers  4

Girls MS B  –  Storm Lacrosse White  8  –  LB3 Tampa Tarpons MS Select  7

Girls HS A  –  StickBenders  7  –  Blazers  4

Girls HS B  –  Florida Select  5  –  Storm Lacrosse Purple  4


Congrats to all the winners and for a number of you good luck at IMG!  Thanks to Pete Dunne and Shaun Bamforth of Broward Lacrosse Advantage, Inc. for putting on the event.





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