Florida Launch: Jovan Miller In His Own Words

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Photo above: The jersey tee that Jovan will be wearing underneath his jersey on Saturday to pay tribute to fan turned friend, Ezekiel Brown.


Author’s Note:  We did not get to this in time for the last game but the story is certainly worth telling anyhow.  Good luck to Ezekiel in his future and a shout out to Jovan for stepping up!


Typically, we think that athletes are the ones that inspire the fans. But what happens when it is the other way around? When the Launch take the field Saturday night to take on the Rochester Rattlers, midfielder Jovan Miller will be paying tribute to one young fan’s battle with cancer by wearing a custom shirt in his honor. Jovan told us the story in his own words:

Let’s be honest, preparation for year six in the MLL was quite eventful. If you’re not aware, after our season finale against Boston August 6th, I was on a flight back to the U.K. on the 22nd to finish up my Master’s degree abroad. With every MLL season, you always want to remember some of the key moments (whether good or bad) that help give you some perspective. For me, that moment came in the July 4th game in Denver, Colorado when I met Ezekiel Brown. I’m always looking to engage with the fans, especially the kids of every team we play, which led me to him. After we talked for a bit and watched the fireworks, I wanted to stay in contact with him and his friends. I’d usually check on him through his mother.  

It had been a few months since we had spoken when she reached out to tell me Ezekiel had synovial sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. With some of the not so motivated workouts that had occurred prior to this news, I finally found something worth playing for. The shirt is just a small token of my appreciation for my little man and his successful fight   against this unfortunate epidemic.  

From what I understand, Mr. Brown is CANCER FREE now. I pray this is his only stint with cancer. Hope to see you soon Ezekiel!



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