Timber Creek 21 Freedom 2

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Shannon Keene, Lauren Aymat, and Anna Ellis each had a great game with 4 goals each. Timber Creek goal keeper, Kayln Kearns had a great performance holding Freedom scoreless first half. The win marks a rebound for Timber Creek after an 0-2 start.  Coach Fern Kidder, “It’s great to get the first win of the season with a strong team performance.”   Sophomore Katherine Bourgeois scored 3 goals last night to make the final score 21-2. Timber Creek (1-2) will face their first district opponent of the season Friday night when they host University (2-1). Freedom (0-5) faces Olympia (4-0) next Thursday.


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GAINESVILLE, Fla. ¬ - The University of Florida lacrosse team will host “Club Days” on Saturday, March 26th at 12 PM against Ohio State and again Saturday, April 9th at 1 PM versus Johns Hopkins. Lacrosse games are held at Donald R. Dizney Lacrosse Stadium. Admission to lacrosse games is free but club coaches and athletes are asked to please complete and return compliance forms for our records. To obtain a compliance form please contact Alicia Longworth in the UAA Marketing office at 352-375-4683 ext. 6663 or via email at alicial@gators.uaa.ufl.edu. For “Club Days”, each coach and athlete is asked to dress in a club t-shirt. When your team arrives to the Donald R. Dizney Staidum, all club members and guests must check-in and present a valid I.D. at the check-in table fo

Wekiva Girls earn program’s first win!

FHSAA, Women's Lacrosse
The Wekiva girls Lacrosse team experienced their first win on Thursday as they traveled to All Saints Academy in Winter Haven.  The girls are 1-1 on the season.  This match-up was a reunion of sorts as All Saints ended the Wekiva season in 2010 with a one goal difference. The girls are new to the sport and have tried very hard during the past three weeks to overcome their limitation in experience.  This night was looking as though All Saints had an edge as they used skill and determination to break through the young defenses of the Wekiva squad.  Going into the half, Wekiva was behind by 3 goals and as the 2nd half was well underway, Wekiva soon found themselves behind by 5 going into the 13th minute of 25.  Wekiva began a recharge and came within two goals with less tha