The Finals! Capping Off A Great Year!

  We’ve finally come down to the wire STA vs LHP on the Boys’ side and STA versus Bishop Moore on the Girls’ side Ft. Lauderdale versus Orlando Spring break versus Mickey Okay, I’ll cut that short . . .   The crowds in Jupiter were enormous yesterday.  Not sure about the ticket count but […]

We’re Back Online! Lake Mary vs LHP in the Semis!

  Okay, we just got back online! Lucas Kott at 10:06 to make 1-0 LHP LM with the faceoff A save and LHP on offense Martin from Cisneros on the left wing at 7:04 for the 2-0 lead Shassian with the faceoff and LM sets up Ragault with the wide bounce shot Both teams turn […]

Live Blog of St. Thomas Aquinas and Benjamin – THE Rematch!

  Getting ready for the great rematch of last year!   STA with the win and a quick Nenj takeaway Turning it back over to Madrill with the early save on Cropp Turnover and STA clears At 9:47 it’s Crowley giving STA the lead off the left wing, dodging to the cage and going low […]