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WHAT . . . A . . . NIGHT

Remember how sometimes when I write up a game where one team just had one of those days?

Well, I just had one.


Went to Oxbridge and witnessed something I have never actually seen on TV or in person watching this sport for 40 years . . .

A shutout.  By the team I picked to be upset.

I’ll have the full story tomorrow.

Actually I could almost call it a perfect game, not just a shut out.

Details tomorrow.


And 3 hours away in Lake Mary . . . it was Ponte Vedra going down to Lake Mary 11-9 . . .

After having a 6-1 lead after the first period.

Anyone remember Howard Cosell calling the Frazier-Foreman fight?

Yep, that was my championship prediction there . . .


Then there were the overtime games . . .

LHP pulls it out in OT 13-12

Gulliver Prep pulls it out 9-8

Had both of them losing a tight game . . .


Barron Collier was tipped by me to win comfortably . . .

They held on to win by one goal.  It was a 9-goal game the first time around.

Riverview-Sarasota was a heck of a story this year . . .


And Newsome did not get by Berkeley Prep

Another one.

Unfortunately for Newsome, they become the latest example of why playing a tough schedule usually is better preparation than going undefeated against an average one.


Benjamin did cruise to victory as did Bolles, so not all was lost.


Well, tomorrow we will do out ATS search of newspapers and web sites and TV News broadcasts to see what coverage we can find around the state to bring you the latest.


And I’ll remember that I too can just have one of those days.


Friday’s Matchups (not really sure yet about hosting sites yet, but this is what I think)


Bolles will travel to Lake Mary

Berkeley Prep will travel to LHP

Barron Collier will travel to Benjamin

Gulliver Prep vs STA . . . not sure on that one yet


Florida lacrosse is one crazy sport tonight.




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