A Come From Behind End to Our Bracket Challenge!


Only one submission got the Final Four exactly correct . . .

And it was good enough to eke out a 1-point win in our Bracket Challenge.

But it also gives me a pause in the awarding of the first place prize . . .


To recap the scoring:

1 point for the first round

2 points for the second round

3 points for the third round

5 points for the semifinals

7 points for the finals winner


And after coming into the semifinals tied for EIGHTH place, JP Crowley has leapfrogged everyone to edge out Kepler Funk for the first place in our annual Bracket Challenge!  JP, who trailed his own mother (bragging rights at the dinner table must have been fun to listen to), will now be able to proudly proclaim himself the winner of the intra-Crowley clan!

Which leads me to a simple question . . . is JP eligible for the Doc Blanchard card (retail value approximately $4.95) or would the NCAA rule that a violation?  Hopefully, he will be able to lay his claim!


The Final Standings:

JP Crowley  45 points

Kepler Funk  44 points

Barbara Crowley  42 points

Peter Ranta  40 points (Peter led going into the weekend but did pick Oxbridge to win it all)


In the spirit of the NFL Draft we do have a Mr. Irrelevant but I will choose discretion on this one.


Thanks to all of those who participated and let’s go further next year!




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